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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLB”), as well as other privacy laws that may be applicable, require 赌钱app可以微信提现 to protect the privacy of certain personal information. 赌钱app可以微信提现的意图是遵守这些法律的所有适用规定. These sections should be read in conjunction with 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Privacy Statement and this website’s Terms of Use.

FERPA - student rights with respect to their educational records

GDPR - Privacy rights applicable to users in the European Union

GLB - financial information security and confidentiality

HIPAA - protects individually identifiable health information (IIHI)

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Computer Security - information for protecting electronic data

Password Protection - user name and password security

Photography and Recording of 赌钱app可以微信提现 Activities – capture and use of photographs/recordings by 赌钱app可以微信提现

Terms of Use — general terms relating to the use of this website

Privacy Statement

赌钱app可以微信提现 is a U.S.开设学分和非学分课程的美国高等院校, 课程内容和服务在传统的校园设置和通过我们的网站(统称, the “Services”). This Privacy Statement describes the types of personal data that 赌钱app可以微信提现 collects through this website (the “Site”), how this data is used and shared, and users’ choices concerning these data practices. 个人资料系指可识别用户身份的有关用户的任何资料(“个人资料”)。. 本隐私声明不适用于非赌钱app可以微信提现运营或控制的第三方网站, even if such sites are linked to this Site.

By providing 赌钱app可以微信提现 with Personal Data or using 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Services, 用户同意本私隐声明所述的资料保护措施. If a user does not agree to this Privacy Statement, such user should not access or use 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Services. 有关本隐私声明的更多信息,以及适用法律规定的权利,请 contact us.

Additional or different practices may apply to data collected from participants in 赌钱app可以微信提现-involved research studies or surveys governed by 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Institutional Review Board. 将向研究参与者提供知情同意书, which may describe the additional or different data practices that will apply to the study and which may supersede the practices set out in this Privacy Statement.


    赌钱app可以微信提现 automatically collects and/or tracks (a) the home server domain names, email addresses, type of end user device, and type of Web browser of users to 赌钱app可以微信提现's this Site, (b) the email addresses of users that communicate with 赌钱app可以微信提现 via email, post messages to 赌钱app可以微信提现's bulletin boards, or post messages to 赌钱app可以微信提现s chat groups, (c) information knowingly provided by the user in online registration forms, and (d) user-specific information on what pages users access.

    赌钱app可以微信提现及其附属第三方可能会将互联网cookie和其他技术(i.e. tracking pixels, web beacons, etc.) on users' hard drives. These technologies can save the users' name, password, user name, screen preferences, the pages of this Site viewed by the user, and the advertisements viewed or clicked by the user. When the user revisits this Site, 赌钱app可以微信提现 and affiliated third parties will recognize the user by the Internet cookie and customize the user's experience accordingly. 互联网cookie和其他跟踪技术存储在用户的硬盘驱动器上,而不是存储, in any form, by 赌钱app可以微信提现. However, 赌钱app可以微信提现可能无法访问或控制第三方使用的cookie和其他功能, 而该等第三方的资料实务并不包括在本私隐声明内. 用户可以通过使用其Web客户端软件的适当功能来拒绝Internet cookie, if available.

    Depending on the Services utilized, 赌钱app可以微信提现 may collect Personal Data that is voluntarily provided when inquiring about admission to 赌钱app可以微信提现 or financial aid, enrolling in one of 赌钱app可以微信提现’s programs or courses, 申请或被雇用在赌钱app可以微信提现工作或参加筹款或社区活动. This data may include:

    • Name, title, age and date of birth
    • Part or all of Social Security Number, Tax Identification Number, Visa information, 或法律要求的其他身份证明信息,用于申请入学和经济资助, employees or for validation purposes
    • Student or Employee I.D. Number
    • Contact information including address, city, state, postal code, country of residence and citizenship, email address, home, cellular and other contact telephone number(s)
    • Emergency contact information (names, phone numbers and email addresses)
    • Academic credentials and records
    • Photographs, video images, and likeness
    • Records of communications between the user and 赌钱app可以微信提现
    • Other information pertinent to specific interests and activities at 赌钱app可以微信提现

    赌钱app可以微信提现 may collect other information to maintain or manage 赌钱app可以微信提现 systems, diagnose problems, assist with a help request, or inform investigations. 赌钱app可以微信提现 also collects information users choose to provide to 赌钱app可以微信提现 when any “free text” box is completed in its forms.

    Unless specifically requested and express consent obtained, 赌钱app可以微信提现 asks that users not provide any sensitive information, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion, or criminal background.


    赌钱app可以微信提现收集的个人资料将被赌钱app可以微信提现用于编辑和反馈目的, for marketing and promotional purposes, for a statistical analysis of users' behavior, for product/services development, for content improvement, 告知广告商有多少用户看到或点击了他们的广告, and to customize content and layout of 赌钱app可以微信提现's Site. 用户家庭服务器上的数据被汇总起来供内部审查,然后丢弃. Names, postal and email addresses, and phone numbers collected may be added to 赌钱app可以微信提现's databases and used for future calls and mailings regarding Site updates, new classes or services and upcoming events.

    某些隐私法要求赌钱app可以微信提现列出其收集信息所依赖的合法依据, use, disclose and otherwise process Personal Data. To the extent such laws apply, in general, 赌钱app可以微信提现’s lawful basis to collect, use, disclose, 维护及以其他方式处理个人资料是为了向用户提供或准备向用户提供服务. 根据所使用的服务,赌钱app可以微信提现具体合法目的的示例可能包括:

    • 办理学校入学申请、就业申请和课程招生申请
    • To fulfill public safety obligations to our faculty, staff and students
    • To deliver and administer students’ education, record the details of studies (including any placements with external organizations for internships or coursework taken at another institution), and determine/confirm academic achievements (e.g. results, prizes)
    • To provide facilities and resources (e.g. IT, sport, libraries, accommodation, career counseling)
    • To operate security, governance, disciplinary (including plagiarism and academic misconduct), complaint, audit and quality assurance processes and arrangements
    • To support training, medical, safety, welfare and religious requirements
    • 为内部报告和法定报告编制统计数字及进行研究
    • 在平等就业机会、移民和公共安全法规下履行和监督联合中心的职责
    • To administer HR-related processes, including those relating to payroll, benefits administration, performance/absence management, disciplinary issues and complaints/grievances
    • To notify 赌钱app可以微信提现-designated emergency contact(s) of an emergency or crisis that may the University community
    • To prevent fraud or criminal activity, misuses of 赌钱app可以微信提现 Services, and ensure the security of 赌钱app可以微信提现 IT systems, architecture and networks
    • To (a) comply with legal and contractual obligations and legal process, (b) respond to requests from public and government authorities; (c) enforce 赌钱app可以微信提现 terms and conditions; (d) protect 赌钱app可以微信提现 operations; (e) protect rights, privacy, safety or property, and/or that of 赌钱app可以微信提现 or others; and (f) allow 赌钱app可以微信提现 to pursue available remedies or limit the damages that it may sustain
    • To perform tasks in the public interest to promote access to higher education and to inform prospective students, parents and the public of the educational opportunities at 赌钱app可以微信提现


    赌钱app可以微信提现 may share Personal Data outside 赌钱app可以微信提现 in the following circumstances:

    • 供应商和服务供应商:协助赌钱app可以微信提现的业务运作需求,并执行某些服务, Personal Data may be shared with third-party providers of hosting, email communication and support services, analytics, marketing, advertising, employee background checks, 行政和技术服务(包括美国的亚马逊网络服务和谷歌), both certified to the Privacy Shield), providers of recruitment models, 提供学位验证服务和电子成绩单交付. Following 赌钱app可以微信提现’s instructions, these parties may access, process or store Personal Data while performing their duties for 赌钱app可以微信提现. They are contractually prohibited from using or sharing Personal Data provided by 赌钱app可以微信提现 for any purpose other than providing their services.
    • If required to do so by law pursuant to valid legal process, applicable regulation or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to (i) comply with a legal obligation, (ii) protect and defend rights or property of 赌钱app可以微信提现 or others (iii) act in urgent circumstances to protect personal or public safety, or (iv) protect 赌钱app可以微信提现 against legal liability.

    赌钱app可以微信提现 may share Personal Data within 赌钱app可以微信提现 in the following circumstances:

    • For the purposes described in this Privacy Statement, notably for delivery, personalization, and improvement of Services at 赌钱app可以微信提现.
    • To satisfy local, state and federal laws and regulations or in furtherance of 赌钱app可以微信提现’s legitimate interests in providing and improving Services.
    • To further the advancement of knowledge through research and academic pursuits and providing employment opportunities.


    Promotional Email:

    Individuals may opt out of receiving such communications by following the instructions contained in each promotional email. In addition, 如果个人在任何时候不希望收到未来的营销通讯, please contact 赌钱app可以微信提现 Strategic Communications, Marketing at


    Most web browsers include a “help” section on the toolbar. Please refer to this section in your web browser for information on how to get notified when you receive a new cookie and how to turn cookies off. Please note that if a user rejects, turns off or blocks cookies, some parts of this Site may not function correctly. Also, blocking cookies will not stop third parties from collecting IP address, data stored in “Flash” cookies, 以及可能唯一识别用户浏览器的某些其他类型的技术信息.

    Digital Marketing:

    Users can control whether companies serve on-line behavioral advertising by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance website and using its opt-out: The DAA opt-out requires that cookies not be blocked in a user’s browser. If located in the European Union, 访问欧洲互动数字广告联盟的“你的在线选择”选择退出工具.

    As an alternative to the DAA opt–out, users can also elect to block browser cookies from first parties (such as those from the 赌钱app可以微信提现 Site) and browser cookies from third parties (such as advertisers) by using the cookie blocking options built into your browser software. Note that some third parties involved in advertising operations may maintain their own proprietary consumer databases that allow them to personally identify or track website users. 其他第三方拥有专有技术来确定用户可能使用的其他设备, where they can display relevant advertisements.


    赌钱app可以微信提现 takes reasonable administrative and technical steps to protect data, including Personal Data, from loss, misuse and unauthorized access as provided in 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Data Classification and Security Policy 530.00 and Data Classification and Security Operating Procedure 530.01.


    赌钱app可以微信提现 will retain Personal Data as needed pursuant to the legitimate purpose(s) identified in this Privacy Statement, its Records Retention Policy 219.00 and Records Retention Operating Procedure 219.01, and applicable law.


    赌钱app可以微信提现 reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and this Privacy Statement at any time by notifying users of the new or revised Privacy Statement. As allowed by law, 赌钱app可以微信提现保留就账户状态和这些使用条款的变更与网站用户联系的权利, this Privacy Statement, 其他赌钱app可以微信提现隐私政策和程序或与网站用户相关的任何其他政策或协议.


    Users located in the European Union are also directed to the Supplemental Statement for Users in the European Union, which set out specific rights related to Personal Data and should be read together with this Privacy Statement and 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Terms of Use.

Supplemental Statement for Users in the European Union

In addition 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Privacy Statement 描述赌钱app可以微信提现向用户收集的个人资料,以及使用这些资料的原因和方式, this Supplemental Statement describes additional rights provided to users of the Site from locations in the European Union (“EU”) (for these purposes, 所指的欧洲联盟或欧盟也包括欧洲经济区国家冰岛, Liechtenstein and Norway) (“EU Users”) and should be read together with 赌钱app可以微信提现’s Privacy Statement and Terms of Use.


    Subject to EU law, and specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), EU Users may have the following rights in relation to Personal Data:

    • Right of access: If requested, 赌钱app可以微信提现 will confirm whether it processes an EU User’s Personal Data and, if so, provide a copy of that Personal Data along with certain other details. If additional copies are required, 赌钱app可以微信提现 may charge a reasonable fee.
    • Right to rectification: If Personal Data is inaccurate or incomplete, EU Users may ask that 赌钱app可以微信提现 correct or complete it. If 赌钱app可以微信提现 shared such Personal Data with others, and if requested, where possible and lawful to do so, 赌钱app可以微信提现还将告知欧盟用户与谁共享了此类个人数据,以便欧盟用户可以直接与他们联系.
    • 删除权:在某些情况下,欧盟用户可以要求删除个人数据, such as where 赌钱app可以微信提现 no longer needs it or if an EU User withdraws consent. If 赌钱app可以微信提现 shared such Personal Data with others, 赌钱app可以微信提现 will alert them to the need for erasure where possible. If requested, and where possible and lawful to do so, 赌钱app可以微信提现 will also tell EU Users with whom it shared such Personal Data with so EU Users can contact them directly.
    • Right to restrict processing: EU Users may request to restrict or ‘block’ the processing of their Personal Data in certain circumstances, 例如,欧盟用户对数据的准确性提出质疑或反对赌钱app可以微信提现处理数据. 赌钱app可以微信提现 will inform such EU User before any restriction on processing is lifted. If 赌钱app可以微信提现 shared such Personal Data with others, 赌钱app可以微信提现 will tell them about the restriction where possible. If requested, and where possible and lawful to do so, 赌钱app可以微信提现还将告知欧盟用户与谁共享了此类个人数据,以便欧盟用户可以直接与他们联系.
    • 数据可移植性的权利:欧盟用户有权从赌钱app可以微信提现获取他们自己的个人数据. 赌钱app可以微信提现将以结构化、通用和机器可读的格式提供个人数据.
    • 反对权:欧盟用户可以要求赌钱app可以微信提现停止处理他们的个人数据.
    • Rights in relation to automated decision-making: EU Users have the right to be free from decisions based solely on automated processing of their Personal Data, 除非在合同中有必要或欧盟用户明确同意这种使用.
    • 撤销同意的权利:欧盟用户有权在任何时候撤销同意, but this will not affect any processing of data that has already occurred.
    • Right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority: If EU Users have a concern about 赌钱app可以微信提现’s privacy practices, including the handling of their Personal Data, 欧盟用户可以向有权听取这些担忧的数据保护机构报告.


    EU Users may request access to and removal of information and records pertaining to such EU Users stored in 赌钱app可以微信提现 systems. EU Users may exercise these rights by contacting 赌钱app可以微信提现 at


    • EU User’s name and role (e.g., applicant, student, or employee);
    • contact information, including email and postal addresses;
    • the item(s) of information EU User wishes to access or remove, including if known, the URL or the location of data to be removed; and
    • the reason for requesting access to, or removal of, the information.

    There are some instances where 赌钱app可以微信提现 may deny a request to remove information. For example, 赌钱app可以微信提现 may decline to remove the following types of information, including, but not limited to:

    • 作为学生或就业记录的一部分,赌钱app可以微信提现要求保存的信息, or pursuant to local, state or Federal law or regulation, or in performance of contractual obligations
    • information compiled in reasonable anticipation of, or for use in a civil, criminal or administrative action or proceeding

    If a request is denied, 赌钱app可以微信提现 will send a written explanation explaining the reason for the denial and a notification of the EU User’s right to file a written statement of disagreement. 赌钱app可以微信提现 may also provide a right to have the denial reviewed. If 赌钱app可以微信提现 is unable to act within the time under applicable law, 赌钱app可以微信提现 will provide notification of the delay and the date by which 赌钱app可以微信提现 will complete action on the request.